Key Financial Facts:

  • Our annual budget is under $150,000

  • Fees account for less than 1/4 of our income

  • Over 90% of our budget goes to pay the staff, all of whom work with families


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Frances Hamburg (Fran) was the mother of one of our agency founders, Jennifer Kirby. Throughout her life, she was active in a variety of charitable and civic causes, many focused on enhancing public participation for all. She supported everyone getting out to vote and educating themselves about the public policies that affected them. A firm believer in education, she supported literacy programs for adults and children and enjoyed being a tutor. She also championed the rights of those who were disadvantaged or excluded for any reason. We at Bright Horizons strive to follow those principles, in addition to having a staff and Board with direct disability life experience.


Fran was one of the original IEP moms, sending Jennifer to integrated preschool in 1971, and pushing for Jennifer to be mainstreamed. We note that the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975 and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 were still on the far horizon when Fran started advocating not just for Jennifer, but for all people with all types of disabilities, visible or not.


Bright Horizons serves an average of 200 individuals per year. Doing our best to help families succeed, we offer a sliding fee scale that keeps our costs far lower than most attorneys or consultants, as well as providing some free services. Our ability to offer low cost and free services depends entirely on community support. Fran, who did not wish to see anyone denied a service, donated generously, understanding that she made a difference for many families. 

With Fran's passing, our families need you to continue her legacy of giving. Please help Bright Horizons continue to offer affordable advocacy. Click on the  Memorial Fund picture or any donate button on this site to donate.

Thank you from the Bright Horizons family!


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